Truffle Menus

During the Gotland Truffle Festival 2023, a number of pubs and restaurants on Gotland offered truffle-themed menus. Below you can see a list of participating restaurants 2023. Later during 2024 we will present what truffle themed menus that the restaurants will offer this year.


Värdshuset Lindgården offers a truffle menu friday and saturday and the whole truffle month. More info about Lindgården

Creperie & logi offers a vegetarian galette and one with prosciutto with homemade truffle tapenade. For more info about Creperie & logi.

Pensionat Warfsholm offer an truffle inspired dinner friday . More info about Warfsholm

Bonden och Bönorna offers a lovely truffle menu friday and saturday! More info about Bonden och börnorna. Scrolla ned lite på sidan så står det om Tryffelpaketet.

Bella Roma in Roma offers truffeldishes during the truffle month. Meny Bella Roma Tryffelmånad  För mer info om Bella Roma.


Lunch Saturday after the truffle seminar, a suggestion:

Jessens Saluhall och Bar offers a truffleinspired lunch all week.  Mer info om Saluhallen

Late Sunday Brunch withTruffle
Söndagen Värdshuset Lindgården have their popular Late Sunday Brunch and this sunday with truffles ofcourse. More info about Late Sunday Brunch.
Länk till tryffelmenyn Late Sunday Brunch.


For any queries on the truffle menus, call Susanne Welin-Berger cellphone +46 707 262 888.