The Truffle Market in the Shopping Arcade: Gallerian

Welcome to the Truffle Market at Gallerian, Östercentrum, just outside the East Gate on Friday 15th November!

The Truffle Market will be open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. There you can meet truffle hunters, truffle cultivators and truffle food producers. New for the year 2024 is that we are conducting the market in collaboration with Matcafé Öster. A new lovely eatery in the mall opposite COOP. Take the opportunity to have a coffee or eat a tasty lunch at Matcafé Öster.

Don’t miss the demonstration of truffle hunting alongside the east face of the town wall (Östergravar) at 2 p.m. before it gets too dark.

Preliminary participants

Gotlands Tryffelförening

Kennet NilssonBettans tryffel truffles to smell and buy.

Tryffel of Sweden – will be selling delicious truffle products and offering a chance to sample the delicac

Tassit – UseTheNose, Yvonne Höglund gives advice on how to train your dog to search for truffles. Will also be selling truffles.

Winberg kitchen & tools. Winbergs have kitchen tools to handle truffles

If you have any queries about the market, call Susanne Welin-Berger, tel: +46 707 262 888.