Truffle Brunch Smakrike

Rickard Hasselblad, 2012’s Truffle Chef of the Year, invites you to a truffle brunch at Smakrike krog och logi on Sunday 17th November 2018. Rickard and Lotta serve a delicious buffet with truffle in many of the dishes.

Take this opportunity to taste truffle in many guises. Eat and feel inspired as to how you yourself can use truffle. There will be at least 10 different dishes containing truffle.

At Smakrike, you can choose between two seatings: 12 noon and 2 p.m.

Here you can book Truffle Brunch.

Smakrike krog och logi is in Ljugarn on the east coast. Why not take this opportunity to book a truffle hunt on your way to the truffle brunch? There will be a truffle hunt both in Ljugarn and Roma.

For any queries about the truffle brunch, call Smakrike Krog och logi: tel  +46 498 493 371.