The Truffle Market in the Shopping Arcade: Gallerian

Welcome to the Truffle Market at Gallerian, Östercentrum, just outside the East Gate on Friday 15th November!

The Truffle Market will be open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. There you can meet truffle hunters, truffle cultivators and Christina Wedén, who will be selling truffle seedlings.

Don’t miss the demonstration of truffle hunting alongside the east face of the town wall (Östergravar) at 2 p.m. before it gets too dark.

Participants in the Truffle Market include:

Gotlands Tryffelförening
Kerstin Lundberg
– truffles to smell and buy. Friskt vågat på Gotland
Kennet NilssonBettans tryffel truffles to smell and buy.
Tryffel of Sweden – will be selling delicious truffle products and offering a chance to sample the delicac
Gute Rosteri – sell coffé, chokladäljer and a truffle cheese from Stafva.
TRYFFELTEASER – Fredag 13:00-16:00
Taste som samples from the Matsalen restaurant. Restaurang Matsalen Trufflemeny will be here from 1 till 4 pm.

If you have any queries about the market, call Susanne Welin-Berger, tel: +46 707 262 888.