Fascinating Truffle Seminar

Learn more about truffle cultivation, truffle in cooking and truffle in the world. Later this year we will present the speakers.

Saturday 17th November 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Welcome to a popular science seminar with invited international guests and participation of this year’s truffle chef, led by truffle scientist Christina Wedén.

Lecturers at the Seminar:

Christina Wedén is a lecturer at Uppsala University and a Doctor of Biology, having written her PhD thesis on Black Truffles of Sweden (2004). Since 1997, Christina has worked with Gotlandic truffle, both regarding genetic variations and ecology in connection with cultivation. During recent years, she has been involved in research involving the chemical analysis of the content and aroma of truffle. Alongside her scientific research, Christina runs a company Tryffikultur AB in partnership with the agriculturalist Lina Pettersson. Tryffikultur AB aims to develop trufficulture in Sweden and northern Europe.

The truffle chef of the year
Every year a person is choosen to be this year’s truffle chef. The price goes to a chef who, with great success and with good example, has favored the development of the truffel business on Gotland through one of the following:

Served exciting, innovative, culinary truffles at the restaurant
Raised the competence of truffles in food in the restaurant world
Developed food experience tourism around truffles
Collaborated with schools or entrepreneurs in and out of the country about the truffle
Developed other products or services that have brought the industry to the forefront

The seminar will be held at Donnerska huset in Visby.
The prize of the seminar is 400 SEK. To book the seminar click here.

If you have any queries about the seminar, call Susanne Welin-Berger, cellphone: +46 707 262 888.