Truffle Menus

During the Gotland Truffle Festival 16th – 18th November, a number of pubs and restaurants on Gotland will offer truffle-themed menus. Later this year, you will find the names of those who have agreed to participate in the Gotland Truffle Festival and offer truffle-themed menus.


Here are the pubs and restaurants that offered truffle-themed menus 2017

Lindgården will be offering a truffle-themed menu from Wednesday to Saturday 18th November. More info on Lindgården

Bakfickan will be offering a truffle-themed menu during the weekend. More info on Bakfickan.

Smakrike krog och logi in Ljugarn will be offering a five-course truffle-themed menu on Friday and Saturday 17/11 and 18/11. Individual truffle dishes can also be ordered.
For more info.

Munkkällaren in Visby will be offering a three-course truffle-themed menu from Wednesday to Saturday. For more info on Munkkällaren.


Lunch Saturday 18th Nov after the truffle seminar, a suggestion:

Hästgatan 10 Bar & Café will be offering lunch with a truffle touch. Link to H10 on Facebook.


For any queries on the truffle menus, call Susanne Welin-Berger cellphone +46 707 262 888.